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Customer Support

At MakanE, we are always happy to answer any questions you may have. To make things quicker and easier for you, please check the articles in the footer section where you may find your query answered. If you cannot find the answer you're looking for, or feel you would like some further assistance, then please call our friendly and helpful customer support team.

If you are a representative of a retail business you do not need a credit card to place an order; you may order on account on this website simply by registering as a business. You will be able to shop online as well as preorder new titles in advance of publication while taking advantage of the great discounts on offer. You wil be sent an invoice for your purchase.

The raw materials used in our products come from the world's natural resources and we are committed to responsible sourcing.

We believe it is important that the raw materials used in our products are sourced in a way that respects the people, animals and environment in our supply chain.

We use a large variety of raw materials in our products and are committed to building full transparency to trace the raw material we use back to source.

The main raw materials used in our products are cotton, wool, manmade cellulosic (such as viscose), polyester, timber and leather. We recognise these materials can have wide ranging environmental and social risks associated with their production and extraction.

As part of our 2025 Responsible Sourcing Strategy, we are training our product teams and we will work with our suppliers to help reduce the impact of manufacturing processes on the environment and on the health of those working and living in communities around our production sites.

We have worked with our designers to ensure that our site meets the legal requirements under the Disability Discrimination Act and can be used by our customers who have visual, hearing, cognitive or motor impairments. We are continually working to improve accessibility at and are pleased to say that our website meets the strict guidelines provided by the World Wide Web Consortium.


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